Volunteer Information


Board of Directors

The board directs all aspects of the organization to ensure that we are moving toward our goals while following our mission. Board members come from a variety of backgrounds and specializations, with a wealth of different knowledge that enables them to make crucial decisions. For more information, click here. To apply to become a board member, please contact donnabrooks.ywca@sasktel.net.

Settlement Services

Each year, YWCA Prince Albert welcomes refugees fleeing violence and unrest to Prince Albert by helping them adjust to Canada. Settlement Services is always looking for volunteers to help welcome newcomers to our community. Volunteers help Settlement Services by teaching newcomers how to use the bus system, driving them to appointments (mileage reimbursed), tutoring them in a variety of topics, connecting their Canadian family with a newcomer family, or by tutoring at the mother and baby conversation circle. If you are interested in any of these activities, please visit our volunteer page to sign up!

Homeward Bound

Homeward Bound provides transitional housing to people of all genders who may need special care and are struggling with chronic homelessness. As a housing first initiative, Homeward Bound provides supports to those dealing with addictions so that clients can eventually transition from the program. Homeward Bound volunteers help by being a host/hostess in the lounge, where clients come to relax and enjoy company, refreshments, games, and crafts. Volunteers ensure client safety and enjoyment, refill refreshments, and facilitate games and crafts on weekdays between 6:00 PM and 10:00 PM. Homeward Bound also needs volunteers to be positive client role models, taking clients to sporting events, coffee, doing crafts, and other activities. Visit the volunteer page to sign up!

Kindred Spirit

Located within the Homeward Bound program, Kindred Spirit provides struggling mothers with transitional housing designed to help them keep or regain their children from government care. Mothers are provided with supports and resources to work on personal issues, learn parenting skills, and build confidence. Volunteers at Kindred Spirit facilitate activities for pre-school children in the program like crafts and games. Kindred Spirit also needs positive role models for its mothers by taking them for outings such as coffee, or by doing crafts. Visit our volunteer page to sign up!

Terrance Place

Terrance Place is a home for youth that provides a home atmosphere as well as supports, resources, and programs focused on ensuring youth complete school and are able to become successful adults. Terrance Place volunteers spend time with youth doing crafts, facilitating game nights, baking, or tutoring. Visit our volunteer page to sign up!

Our House

Our House is a transitional and crisis shelter that provides food and a place to stay for those facing homelessness or who are trying to transition from a life of chronic homelessness into a stable environment. Volunteers at Our House help by facilitating cultural activities and crafts for the clients living in the shelter. Visit the volunteer page to sign up!

Rendalyn Home

Rendalyn Home is a youth home targeted at young mothers expecting a child or young mothers who already have a young child. Clients can expect supports, parenting workshops, and other activities designed to help them succeed in school while taking care of their child. Volunteers at Rendalyn Home facilitate crafts with the youth, or provide babysitting to give the young mothers a break. Visit our volunteer page to sign up!