YWCA Safety Siren


To download the YWCA Safety Siren from the App Store in iTunes click here.

To download the YWCA Safety Siren for Android click here.

To download the YWCA Safety Siren for BlackBerry click here.

The YWCA Safety Siren is available in both English and French. The app offers users a unique utility siren which can be activated by either pressing the safety button on an iPhone, iPod Touch, Android or BlackBerry. The app also offers Canadian health and safety information geared toward young women, including: short questions and answers about women’s health and wellness, particularly focused on dating and social interaction; tips and facts on safety and wellbeing; links to YWCAs across Canada as well as health and crisis resource centres; and SOS urgent email and phone functionality to a friend or family member when the user is in an unsafe situation.

Highlights include:

  • Functionality in both French and English

  • Multiple siren settings

  • Siren activation sends an emergency email to a pre-set SOS contact with approximate coordinates and places an emergency outgoing call to a pre-programmed number

  • A wide range of facts and information on women's health and wellness

  • Connections to nearby YWCAs, emergency hotlines, health centres and clinics

  • Access to a library of women’s health resources