Inventions and Discoveries Made by Women

We often hear about great inventors and scientists such as Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, or Thomas Edison. While these men were certainly pioneers in their fields, it’s time to look at some discoveries and inventions made by women. Some of these innovations are things that many of us use in our everyday lives and sometimes take for granted, and some of them inspire awe in their magnificence. Women can take pride in the work done by other women, and use it as inspiration to follow their dreams.


Chocolate Chip Cookies

We’re starting with something seemingly average, but who doesn’t appreciate a good chocolate chip cookie? Invented in 1930 by Ruth Wakefield, this cookie has become famous for the delicious chocolate pieces amidst a delightful dough.


Mass Spectrometry

The mathematical technique used to examine the results from mass spectrometers was developed by Sybil M. Rock in 1946. Mass spectrometers measure mass-to-charge ratios of ions to analyze particle samples.



We can credit this quality-of-life invention to Josephine Cochrane, who was so disgusted that so many had already failed to make an automatic dishwasher that she invented her own in 1886. Today, many households save time washing dishes because of this invention.



Yes, the material that is used for applications such as bullet-proof vests was given to the world by a female chemist! Stephanie Kwolek created this durable material in 1965 while trying to make a material to replace the rubber in tires.


Nuclear Fission

This process involves uranium absorbing an extra neutron, which releases huge amounts of energy that create heat. Nuclear Fission is used in nuclear power plants to create electricity. Lise Meitner worked with a small group of scientists to develop this technology in 1939.


Electron Microscopy

Developed in 2009, the atomic resolution environmental transmission electron microscope (ETEM) allowed scientists to examine chemical reactions at an atomic scale. This powerful microscope was invented by Pratibha Gai, who made the decision not to patent this device to promote further scientific research.


House Solar Heating

We can thank two women for the invention of house solar heating. In 1947 inventor Mária Telkes and architect Eleanor Raymond designed and created the first house powered by solar energy. This house, named the Dover Sun House, would become the predecessor for today’s solar technology.


There are many more female inventors and scientists that have created important innovations that have changed the world. These are just a few that have made major advances for science, technology, and home. There is definitely a place of honour for women who pioneered innovation in their

Jesse Kendall