Each year we help to improve the lives of hundreds in Prince Albert and area.


Who We Serve

Throughout the year, we help a variety of people from diverse backgrounds to improve their lives. Our clients originate from Prince Albert and area, as well as newcomers from around the world.

Our local clients come from distinct experiences that have shaped their identity and situation. These experiences come in the form of abuse, addictions, alienation, identity issues, disability, gang activity, violence, lack of education, and others. All of these things culminate in difficulty maintaining employment, maintaining housing, and managing finances. Homelessness is a reality facing many of our clients, so reaching out to us provides them the support that they need to receive temporary or transitional shelter in one of our programs.

Our goal is to help people get back on their feet, all while teaching them valuable skills that enable them to take control of their lives again. By providing skills, clients are able to achieve independence and freedom. Our programs can also help find housing, complete government forms, find employment, and access other employment supports.

Throughout the year, we settle Government Assisted Refugees in Prince Albert. These newcomers are fleeing their home countries due to violence, political unrest, or other life-threatening situations. The trauma experienced in these situations is some of the most challenging, as refugees are leaving what they know for an unfamiliar country where they frequently do not speak the language.

We help Government Assisted Refugees by welcoming them, teaching them about their new community, helping them find housing, making English language classes accessible, assisting with government documents, and providing employment support.


The Numbers


Our 2018-2019 Year by the numbers

In our Central Avenue and Our House shelters there were a total of

23,978 Bed Nights



At our Central Avenue location we were forced to turn away

3215 People

because of lack of space.



The main reasons individuals sought us out were

Domestic Violence and Addictions



At our Our House location

72.5% of women

70.5% of men

left no longer in crisis.



Of those seeking help at our Central Avenue location


of individuals identified as First Nations.



Our Cold Weather Shelter prevented

301 Individuals

from spending the night outside in the cold of winter.



At our Youth Homes and Rendalyn Home, youth lived there a total of

6385 days



In our Community Connection Centre

2,397 Individuals

were assisted by our Gateway Program.



In 2018, we helped

88 Government Assisted Refugees

settle in Prince Albert.


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